I personally recommend this product,After using this i feel more confident having ML to hubby even after my period,its totally no bloody smell,no more itchy, and feel more clean esp. when am outside..

Superbklean REVOLUTIONARY Magnetic, ANION (negative ION) & Far Infrared ‘SUPERBKLEAN’ Sanitary Napkin (by Longrich/Longliqi), a world leading high-tech patented sanitary napkin helps to relieve menstrual discomfort and prevent odour and infection.

Suitable for ladies suffer with:-
Skin irritation, itching and swollen vulva
Period pain
Abnormal white discharge
Other discomfort during menstruation.

Why Choose Superbklean?
Features of SUPERBKLEAN Anion Magnetic Sanitary Napkin
1. Breathable and comfortable 透气、舒适、无感觉
With a cotton surface, the product is soft, comfortable and close fitting, unlikely to cause allergy. It absorbs fluids quickly and prevents reverse osmosis. The absorbing layer contains highly effective absorption factors that can coagulate fluids into pudding like gelatin to keep the surface dry, clean and free from stickiness. The bottom layer, made of breathable materials, prevents leakage and is highly breathable, effectively reducing the damp and heat between the napkin and the body, so that you could feel relaxed all day.

2. Bio-magnetism 生物磁
This product can activate the bio-magnetic field in local parts of the body, accelerate electric currents in cells, promote blood circulation, speed up the discharge of toxins during periods, raise the bio-enzyme content in the vagina, help to increase the acidity of secretions, and enhance self-protection.

3. Far infrared 远红外线
This product can emit far infrared with a wavelength of 4-14 microns and an emissivity over 90%, promoting local blood circulation and microcirculation and preventing gynecological diseases.

4. Anions 负离子
Anions are continuously generated during the use of the napkin by damp, heat and friction, at a concentration of 4,000-6,000 per cm2. They can eliminate odor and prevent itching, with the effect of killing bacteria on the outside of the body and preventing or treating diseases within it.

5. Scientifically closed packaging 产品科学封闭包装
Napkins are put in fully-closed separate packages to keep out bacteria and viruses. You may carry as many of them as necessary, and they will remain effective, hygienic and easy to use.

6. Physical mechanism 物理作用机理
All the functional materials are natural minerals processed into nanoparticles, whose functions are purely physical. Containing no chemical drugs, they are safe and reliable, free of toxicity and side effects.

SUPERBKLEAN Sanitary Napkin provides eight kinds of care
1. Close fitting and soft surface with redoubled absorbency;
2. Three-piece periphery preventing side leakage;
3. Magnetic force, anions, and far infrared chip;
4. Supplementing magnetism, eliminating odor and relieving discomfort;
5. Soft dust-free paper enhancing comfort;
6. Highly absorbent paper that keeps dry all the time;