Im not a mummy yet. But im very interested in children education and children behavior.
Was an art instructor before, and now still working with children in an enrichment centre. I find it very interesting when children draws, and each drawings has a story hidden behind it.

I believe in the methodology of right brain training. I have seen it with my own eyes how powerful the right brain is. Amazing!
(will definitely sign up my child for right brain training when i have one in future! )

I also have my own an online kids fashion store. (Twokitz) Selling kids clothings from 1-7years old.
Always got excited when i walked pass the kids department. And amazed by the cute children wearing pretty clothes. And kids are always so happy when they are in pretty clothing! So i started my own online store, so i can bring more happiness to everyone and more smiles for happy kids & mummies!

I am also into photography! Love shooting children. Capturing cute moments. I also do my own photoshoots for my blogshop.
Oh and actually, im also looking for little models for my blogshop's next collection.haha.

So if you think your little one is quite photogenic (well, i feel all kids are photogenic!) and you dont mind your child being in the limelight. Contact me!
( I can throw in a free photoshoot if time allows too!!)

Okay, that's for now. Hope to get to know more friends here!

xoxo,signing off.