Dear all,

I'm married for 2 years now and every now and then I would visit forums, blogs and even subscribe magazines relating to parenting, children and education. I'm a game designer and specialize in applying game design methodology to engage toddler up to 18 years old.

I am not from some playgroup or software company that try to educate you and brainwash you into what is good for your child and come visit us or try anything or sell you anything. No, I am not. I love children and they drive me crazy in different ways. You get what I mean. When they laugh and giggle, they drive me crazy. When they do not sleep and it's already 1am, they drive me crazy. I love my job especially that I can apply my skills and experience to engage them. However... unfortunately I cannot conceive. It has kept me countless sleepless night more than you can imagine.

Long story short, I am not here to talk much about myself. I wanted to share something (Not product or service). I spend a lot of effort and time on my god son which is why I read up more about babies, toddler and parenting. He is adorable and trust me, he will lighten up your day. I must apologize for shamelessly asking you to vote for him in a contest. I'm not even sure if I am breaking any rules of this forum. All I'm asking is this. Just check out his photo, in Facebook organized my Livewell Baby for Dramatic Laughter. You judge yourself. He is lovely and look at the way he laughs. If you think he deserves it, place a Like.

Thanks in advance and many apologies if I am posing irrelevant post.