Calling out to all Mummies out there,

How's your little ones?

Leydeeburd here... just wanna share the love and affection I have for all kids now that I have My own. Usually not much attention to people's kids, But now I appreciate and look at all kids in a different light. It's like they are all beautiful No matter what. And often I question myself how do I give the best to My own and I realise in all ways,eg. School, food, toys, environment,behaviour,manners etc... ultimately having the finance is the inevitable way to achieve in our ever growing environment. As much as we want to teach them the Way we were taught, we cannot deny that the society demands more. And in order to match up, we need money. Afterall we just want the best for them,right?
So I ask, what have you done to make sure you are on the way to support them in the dreams and goals they have?
What is it that us being mothers can do to our very best to ensure they will not be financially burdened?
Have you taken any actions?
Yes, I'm a financial consultant. And that's why I really understand the need to be financially prepared for them to persue whatever they want and how I should protect myself first in order to protect them.