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I am new here!

This is a discussion on I am new here! within the Introduce Yourself forum, part of the Community Lounge category; Hi everyone. I am new here. Have just given birth to a baby girl on 8 Aug 2008 and she ...

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    I am new here!

    Hi everyone. I am new here. Have just given birth to a baby girl on 8 Aug 2008 and she is now 6 weeks old. I will be going back to work soon and preparing to send my daughter to a nanny. Has anyone send their baby to a nanny before? If yes, please advise what should I prepare or get ready so that baby can adjust new lifestyle with nanny.

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    Re: I am new here!

    hi, welcome here and congrats to your new arrival.

    i do not have any experience with nanny before but can share some notes with you.
    1) prepare a few nannies on hand first and start your trial sessions with them.

    2) bring your baby over to nanny house for the full day and see see whether both you and your baby like the enviroment. during this period, let the nanny take care of baby and see if you prefer her method.

    3) diff nannies have diff ways of handling, if her way does let you feel comfy, at least you be at ease while working. if not, you can change to another one the next day.

    4) complete the list you have and see which one if prefer.

    5) if there are 2 you like, decide on rates and distant from your house. The nearer it is, the easier for you.

    hope i help a little here. . .

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    Re: I am new here!

    hi, welcome

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    Re: I am new here!

    hi welcome here.

    i believed yr nanny is recommended? So the basic trust is somewhat there?

    for infants it is too early for them to be scared with strangers, so it is also a good time to put them with nanny so that they can bond with them.

    most importantly i think if you are a full time working mum yr timing must be discussed with the nanny, like if you will be late for 1 hour or so will she be not pleased or its okay with her or after 1 hour you will need to pay her extra? Money wise make it clear. Other than that basic hygiene, caring attitude and the love for kids must be there.

    hope it helps.

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