Hi everyone! I am Giovanny, a mexican man living in Japan. I have a beautiful daugther who lived 3 years in Mexico and 5 in Japan, so I have some experience in international raising child's experience. Now I am working for a Japanese company that sells goods for babies, kids and the whole family. Since I came to live to Japan I found Japanese products to be useful for many problems of rising children, so when I had the opportunity to work in this company I tought it was a good chance to sell good products to people who need good quality things directly from Japan. I would like to have many frinds in Singapore and talk about anything, I am a licensed psychologyst in Mexico, so I like to talk about child development and parenting. Let's become friends!!! Giovanny You can see our shop here Cherrybell | Rakuten: Find high value and best products here. Have a great day!!!