Hello ladies! It's nice to be here.

I'm a mum to two boys, and am a professional nagger plus worrier.

You know what they say about the baby's years being the toughest with all that night feeds and diaper change?

Nah-da. dont't be believe them - it never quite get easier, just that the challenges change, an ever moving goal post. Oh well.

In other times, I run a little travel website, KidsOnBoard - For parents, by parents, shared travel tales. This is a community sharing site, for parents, by parents, to share travel tales, tips and insights. Because we know - to go on one little trip, we research the whole wide web, just to find out which rides are better with a 2 year old, which ones had better wait thill they are 8 years old... I know, cos I am like that too!

And oft, what another parent had done / experienced, is exactly what we wanna know! Hence the site... !

Would love to hear from you too, with all that you wanna share with us!

Have a great week!

Best, Ling.