Hi My Name is Yee Mei, and I occasionally browse through this forum to see what the latest topics are.
My daughter is 12 years old now (PSLE year!), and it is just amazing how fast those years went by. It has been a wonderul journey, with hopefully many more rewards to come.
Child care has been my main interest for ever since I can remember, and this has prompted me to start a business focusing on that.
Our family has employed maids and nannies and although one or two maids were really exceptional, generally we didn't enjoy the experience.
Probably they didn't much, either.
I always had the suspicion that there must be dozens, or scores, or maybe hundreds or thousands of Singaporean ladies who would love to "extend" their motherhood years by being a nanny or a babysitter for other parent's kids.
And I reckon there must be a many many families looking for help to look after their children while they are working.
My family didn't enjoy any of our experience with agents. You will see plenty of threads in this forum about them.
So we started a website which helps match nannies and babysitters with families.
If you are looking for a full-time or part-time nanny or babysitter, place a free ad on the site, and you will be contacted by ladies looking for this type of occupation.
Or if you are a nanny looking for a child to look after, the same applies. Post a free ad and wait for a family to contact you.
Good luck.