Research Study:
Parents' perspectives on Occupational Therapy services for their children currently attending mainstream primary schools

We are final year Occupational Therapy students from Nanyang Polytechnic embarking on our research study as shown above.
Your participation will be invaluable to our study and the population concerned.


In the proposed study, we seek to understand

1) your knowledge of occupational therapy (OT) services,
2) your views on the effectiveness of occupational therapy services for your child(ren),
3) your experience of working with your child’s occupational therapists.

The results of this study may guide future recommendations towards benefiting parents, students, or other people.


We would like to invite you to participate in our research study if;

(a) You
· are the legal parent of the child
· are able to understand written and verbal English Language up to a Primary 6 level

(b) Your child is
· Currently either in Primary 1 or 2 as of 1 Jan 2014
· Currently enrolled in a mainstream primary school
· Currently receiving occupational therapy services in Singapore

If interested, please click on the following link to find out more about this research study:

We hope for your reply soon!