Hi all,

I am a new member of MummySG forum.com. Would like to learn from experienced mothers on how to take care 1 year old baby. I only have 1 kid but i would like to join your club as i wish to ask for parenting tips like how to take care 1 yr old baby. My baby gal likes to sleep yoyo during daytime but i want her to go childcare soon so i want to train her to sleep on mattress or playpen. Can you advise me on how you make your baby sleep well during daytime or night-time? My baby is unable to have a good sleep during day or night as the weather is quite hot lately and she is unable to sleep with fans on.
Please share your advice on how to make baby fall asleep easily and sleep throughout the night and day. I also bought the Fisherprice rocker for my baby to sleep during daytime. thanks.