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Starting my first-trimester and anxious

This is a discussion on Starting my first-trimester and anxious within the Introduce Yourself forum, part of the Community Lounge category; Hi All, I am totally new to this forum and would really like to get in touch with other like-minded ...

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    Starting my first-trimester and anxious

    Hi All,

    I am totally new to this forum and would really like to get in touch with other like-minded females.

    My husband and I had moved to Singapore a year back and a few months ago we decided to start a family.
    Now I am in my first-trimester and need all the help we can get

    Any pointers on what to expect and how to make my experience more enjoyable and healthy.

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    Re: Starting my first-trimester and anxious

    Hi mummy!!
    I am a mummy of 12 month old girl and I still cant get over the joy of having this beautiful baby!! haha
    Anyway congrats to your motherhood journey!

    I have a blog where I shared some reviews of products and services (purely based on my personal experience and not sponsored in any way). Hope they will be a good read! and-so-mummy-says.blogspot.sg

    And some pointers I would like to share:

    1. Be Happy!!! You may be fighting cravings and becoming upset at times when you stop yourself from eating certain foods due to being pregnant. My advice is just eat! For myself, of course I try to eat healthily but I dont stop myself from having so called unhealthy food in moderation! I only ensure I dont take raw or half boiled eggs and raw fish (sashimi). You will be happier that way!

    2. Plan and communicate about the birth and confinement with your husband early. It is good to read up, research and discuss early to be prepared.

    3. Talk more to happy mummies!!

    4. Try to walk more now that the tummy is not too big yet (unless instructed by yr gynae to have more bed rest)

    5. Drink more water and take your multi-vits! I take Obimin. For 1st trimester. Folic acid is important. you can get them from doc or watsons / guardian.

    6. Research and plan on what you wanna buy for the little one!! haha this is most exciting!! There will be a big baby fair in August at Suntec Convention Centre!

    SuperMom Bazaar 22-24 August 2014
    Suntec Convention Centre
    Hall 401-404

    You can check their website Supermom Bazaar - The Mightiest Event for Mothers and Babies or their facebook where there are mummies questions and answers shared by fellow mummies.

    At the moment, haha I can only think of all these. Check back with all the mummies here anytime you have questions!

    Feel free to pm me or email me at mummypris13@gmail.com

    SuperMom Bazaar is coming - 22nd to 24th August 2014 @ Suntec! Direct brands exhibitors ~

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    Re: Starting my first-trimester and anxious


    thanks so much for the lovely advices.
    I surely would check your blog once I reach back home.

    As for my diet, I do try to keep healthy, but dont't force myself to stop eating, if I really crave for it.
    And since, I am a vegetarian, so the check for avoiding raw food items is easier

    I also wanted to join some exercise or yoga classes for pregnant females, but not sure where to go.
    Can you please share some pointers on that too.
    Would surely go to the baby fair


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