A new breastfeeding interest group, "BrestPal@Yew Tee" has been set up!

It’s based at the Yew Tee Community Club, a platform for mothers to share their experiences, as well as get help from counsellors and lactation consultants. It would be the 2nd to launch since the Macpherson CC playgroup launched 3 years ago. If you’re a new parent, has breastfeeding problems or has many years of breastfeeding experience, do join us at Yew Tee Community Club to share!

Date: 12th September 2009
Venue: Yew Tee Community Club level 4, Tea Appreciation Room
Time: 3 ~ 5pm

To register, you may write to Elaine Chan: elaine.bmsg07@gmail.com with subject heading “Support Group” or sms to 97640231 with your name, email, address & contact number. Alternatively, you may also register with the CC 3 days in advance.