For family fun!

Date: 15 19 July
Venue: Causeway Point

Skipping rope, five stones, chapteh, sepak takraw... good old fun rules at Causeway Point.

The simple games of yesterday will come alive before your very eyes at this satellite hub. Sit down with your kids and make a kite. Or let childhood memories come flooding back as you show your nieces and nephews the magic of masak-masak. Want to see how these games and sports are represented creatively in dance, music or drama? Then look out for our line-up of lively stage performances. Plus, Malay and Tamil music concerts with a great line-up of popular artistes have also come to up the ante!

Whether it is reliving the cherished days for you or letting the younger generation have a taste of the simplicity of games and fun of the bygone years, come along with the young and old in the family and enjoy!

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