Dear mummies,

Physical aging is not exclusive to the old as it is not completely related to one's age. The aging process of the internal organs actually begin long before signs of aging manifest in the external appearance. Many common diseases nowadays are caused by Premature Aging process.

Join our workshop, to find out how you can help your loved ones to prevent Premature Aging in our life.

SYNOPSIS of the workshop:

1. What is Nutritional Immunology? What is Immune System and its Major Functions? What are the 3 major disease-fighting nutrients to immune system?
2. Nutrition Misconceptions: Do Vitamin Pills work? Does Replacement Therapy work? (Fish oil, hormone pills, calcium, glucosamine)
3. What is Premature Aging, the causes and how to prevent premature aging?
4. How to select a right and safe source of collagen?
5. How to be a Wiser Consumer? What are the common criteria to choose a healthy food? How to read food labels to ensure getting a high quality and safe food products?
6. How to live a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle to achieve a healthier body?


Date: 11-Sep (Thurs) Session 1, 23-Sep (Tue) Session 2
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Venue: United Square Shopping Mall (nearest MRT Novena)
Admission: Sponsored (you.P. $129)
Videos of the previous Nutritional Immunology Workshops:
Nutritional Immunology Workshop - YouTube

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