Hi mummies, saw a parenting workshop that will be happening when I bought the uweekly magazine, thought I should share. Not bad, this workshop has activities for our kids too so we can bring them along.

It will be happening on the 25 Aug at the SPH news center auditorium. I saw that they have two prices.. if its just a parent attending, it is $12, but with a kid, it is $20. My suggestion is just buy the uweekly magazine, there is a coupon you could use and the cost of the parent + child becomes $10, thats so much more worth it. They are tapping on topics like what is the best way to teach your kids at their various ages, or how to improve your child's learning capabilities and play catch up. My child has been struggling in school and this workshop caught my attention.. think it could be very relevant and definitely wanted to share it with all the mummies who might be interested to know about this event!

There are apparently activities for the kids also, there's a class to teach how to make hello kitty sandwiches so at least they will be occupied and I get to spend time with my kid afterwards, the workshop is from 12-3pm.

Any other mums interested to attend as well?