Hi Mummies,

I would like to garner some feedback from you.

Knowing our little ones outgrow their clothes and other accessories at alarming rates, would you be interested:

1. If there is opportunity to sell off your preloved items (and taking home 100% of the profits) and get second hand quality products without the hassle of scouring through the ebay sites?

2. Would you be interested to participate as a seller or walk in as a buyer if these bazaars are held at the Community Centers that are of close proximity to your residence?

3. If you are looking to rent a stall, how much would you be willing to pay per stall?

4. If you are interested to walk in as a patron, what kind of stalls/activities would you like to see at these bazaars?

Please give me your feedback/comments. Appreciate your help! Thank you mummies!