Hi dear mommies!

Me and a friend are creating a new shopping website for working mothers with young kids. We got a trial version ready, and hope to get some mommies to give feedbacks.

We know you are super busy, but that's exactly why we asking. Cos we realize that mommies are swamped, and we wanna make cute things for your darlings easier to find.

One main difference our website has is anyone (even you) can post shopping finds. Like Pinterest. So, all the time will have new stuff. Also, since people only upload items they like, you only see 'nice' stuff, even though of course people will have different tastes.

Another main difference is design for mobile. Working moms have no time to go shopping center, and go everywhere a lot (drive baby to childcare or parents' place, then go work etc.). With a mobile website like ours, even if you only got few minutes between chores, can still browse new items quickly.

Now we have clothes and toys from many small, boutique mommy stores. So also good if you like such shops and no time to google for all of them.

If you are interested in helping us test, please PM me so I can send you an invite.

Thank you very much in advance!