Hi all,

i found this interesting apps: Modiface Facelift for Iphone.

Quite amazing if you are planning to have surgery or something.

If you are thinking of getting aesthetic treatments, such as dermal fillers, your phone just might help you out.

For those who own an Iphone, you can now download Modiface’s Facelift for Iphone to help you see what you look like when you want to have tweaks done to your face. You just upload your photo either from Facebook or through your phone, and you can retouch them all you want.

You can erase wrinkles, lift your eyebrows or plump up your lips, or even improve the shape of your nose.

Before you do the facelift part, you are first directed to change the brightness and contrast settings of your photo. Afterwards, you can use the Facelift, Crow’s feet, Frown Lines and Anti-aging options.

When you are happy with the results, you can share your before and after photo on Facebook or any social media.

If you want to improve smile lines or the areas around the eyes, you need to upgrade to the Premium account which would cost you $1.99.

Apps like these are actually widely available for both Iphone and Android users, but with different specifications. But this would not replace the value of a face to face evaluation. It still pays to take that visit especially when you are making the final decisions.

These cutting edge applications may help you visualize what you would look like after aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, but it’s also important to have a surgeon’s clinical eye check out your physical features before finally going under the knife.