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IPL hair removal for armpit, legs and Brazilian

This is a discussion on IPL hair removal for armpit, legs and Brazilian within the Hair Care Beauty forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Hi! I'm thinking of going for IPL hair removal. Any good and reasonably priced recommendation? I used to go to ...

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    IPL hair removal for armpit, legs and Brazilian

    Hi! I'm thinking of going for IPL hair removal. Any good and reasonably priced recommendation? I used to go to Strip for Brazilian waxing until the lady recommended IPL but it's quite pricey though.

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    Re: IPL hair removal for armpit, legs and Brazilian

    Well, the cost depends on the area of your body part where you want to use IPL technique for removing the hairs. I dont't think that you need any recommendations for using this method. This is a good method for removing the hairs permanently without any side effects.

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    Re: IPL hair removal for armpit, legs and Brazilian

    After 4 years with Regina, I would like to share my recent experiences once again.

    I have been a customer at Hitachi Tower since September 2010. I have been a loyal customer since and had made known their services to others through media such as facebook, twitter, and many other forums etc.

    But over the years with their branch at Hitachi Tower, I had seen a decline in customers visiting your branch, the same goes for their customer oriented-services their company once provides. Is it because their company motto, mission, values and beliefs have changed and deviated?

    1) More than often I have heard staffs gossiping about customers and disclosing their information. This is extremely unethical and unprofessional. Where has all the well-trained staff gone to?

    2) During the last few sessions, I was rushed through the treatment even though I arrived on time or earlier than my appointment time. I always carried out few treatments in one appointment but why was the treatment carried out within such a rush. They didn't even allow enough time for the cooling pad to take effect on the skin. All these happened during this recent package I bought. This has never happened in the past.

    3) There are even a few occasions where staff was busy trying to hard-sell other packages and services to me, that they forgot to clean off the cold gel properly. I do understand that sometimes people err so I didn't highlight to their management or the public. I came to Regina as this company promotes as a place where there are no hard-selling. Why has Regina changed so much?

    4) On 5 November, 5.37pm
    My appt is 5.30pm and I do understand that I need to arrive slightly earlier but I was really held up by some work and I rushed down to Hitachi Tower branch and managed to reach at 5.37pm. I politely informed the staff (malay lady, slightly tanned skin colour, slim petite, without spectacles, hair tied up in short pony tail) who attended to me. After she ushered me into the treatment room, there was no robe in the room so I have to come out to ask for one (This is just an occasional overlook so I am fine with it too). On top of this, there was no music playing in the background. But there was a very loud TV program playing in the background instead.

    But the most intolerable part was the following conversation between these 2 staffs:

    Malay staff: "This *** (My name) appointment at 5.30pm, but she came at 5.40pm and told me her appointment is 5.30pm."
    Another staff: "Huh, which *** (My name)?
    Malay staff:" That *** (My name) ."
    Another staff: "That *** (My name) ? Ask her to come at 8 o'clock !" and then she continues to mumble on.

    From what I know, this branch closes at 8pm, so am I suppose to come back after the branch has closed? Based on this conversation between the staffs, it is obvious that the staff gossips and discussed about customers. And just because I am late for 7 minutes, I deserve to be subjected to this type of treatment from the staff? They can always check my past records to confirm whether I always arrived on time. At this time, I was the only customer inside. What have I done to make the staff to be so angry with me?

    I have been their loyal customer at Hitachi Tower since 2010 and this is how the staff talks about us? What have I done to the staff to receive this kind of harsh comments from them? What do they mean by "This *** (My name). That *** (My name)?" Is this how the staff labels us?

    I am extremely disgusted and appalled at the service given.

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