On 11 July 2015, I was coaxed to sign up a hair treatment package at Oriental Hair Solutions at Tampoines1 outlet of S$10,700 for my daughter hair after learning that her scalp has red patches and would need to build a protective barrier. 2 hair sprays have been issued to my daughter on the same day to bring home to apply.

My husband was very unhappy with the aforesaid transaction as we had already incurred a hefty sum of S$138,386.50 for my daughter’s hair treatment and are still paying the bank by instalments.

After thinking for a couple of days and working out our finances, I could not afford and would like to cancel the hair treatment package signed on 11 July 2015. Accordingly, on 14 July 2015, I emailed to feedback@jeanyipgroup.com to request for a refund of S$10,700. There was no response. I then forwarded my request to marketing@jeanyipgroup.com on 16 July 2015.

On 17 July 2015, Ms Ada from Oriental Hair Solutions called me to understand the problem. I have to explain to her again even though I have stated very clearly in my email. She says she needs to explain the REFUND PROCEDURES to me when I bring my daughter for treatment on 18 July 2015. On that Saturday afternoon, I was rather “piss off” to learn that I would not get a full refund as my daughter had one session and was issued 2 hair sprays on 11 July 2015 to bring home to apply. She says I will be charged the normal retail prices which would not be in my favour. I cannot understand why Oriental Hair Solutions could not grant my daughter a complimentary session considering that I have incurred a hefty sum of S$138,386.50 for various hair treatments. As for the 2 hair sprays, I have returned on the same day even though my daughter had sprayed for 3 occasions at home. Ada would like me to keep the hairsprays as the ingredients have been MIXED and cannot revert to original. I told her my husband wants to see a VOID transaction of S$10,700 and I reluctantly allowed that any charges to be deducted from my daughter’s outstanding sessions. I dont’t wish to pay anything more at this moment. Ada says she needs to consult her superior, Corinne Seah.

Corinne Seah from Oriental Hair Solutions called me on 19 July 2015 to fix an appointment to meet me as the refund form is with her and to update my daughter’s outstanding sessions. I told her I can make it on 25 July 2015 and I want a complete resolution on that day. Otherwise, I will call her boss directly. I reiterated that I wish to cancel the hair treatment package signed on 11 July 2015 at Oriental Hair Solutions of S$10,700 and seek a full refund of S$10,700. Any charges shall be deducted from my daughter’s outstanding sessions. I do not accept any deviations except for complimentary session and/or products. She says she needs to check her schedule and revert. On 22 July 2015, she reverted that she cannot make it on 25 July 2015 as there is a company event at JY Loft and requested to postpone to 1 Aug 2015. I’m very unhappy and cannot understand why she cannot assign and instruct her staff or Ada to handle. On 23 July 2015, Corinne called to say she can do a temporary acknowledgment to contain my husband anger. She says she needs time to ANALYZE the hair treatment package I signed on 11 July 2015 at Oriental Hair Solutions of S$10,700 so as to do a proper accounting. She claims she needs to FIND OUT the contents for the hair sprays. She says she needs time to study the balance outstanding sessions. So many things to analyse and study. Take so long to find a solution. She is INCOMPETENT.

My husband has been nagging at me for results. He was also surprised that Oriental Hair Solutions issued such hairsprays (see enclosed picture) to customers with no ingredients. He was also concerned they may cause side effects to our daughter scalp.

I do not wish to deal with Corinne and entertain any further delay so I emailed to Ms Jean Yip on 23 July 2015 via marketing@jeanyipgroup.com. There was no response.
No one called me either. This is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

On 1 Aug 2015, I brought my daughter for hair treatment as usual. I thought I would meet Corinne and get my refund. She wasn't at the Tampines1 outlet. I have to check with Ada, who conveyed that I did not confirm any appointment with Corinne, who thought that I had taken the matter directly with Ms Jean Yip and accordingly proceeded with her own schedules. I was very upset. Ada said she couldn't help much since I raised my voice at her on 18 July 2015 and claimed then that she cannot make decision but she can help me fix an appointment with Corinne on 8 Aug 2015 at 3 pm.

Corinne is just pushing responsibility away. Isn't she employed to resolve customers' conflicts and complaints? Shouldn't she ensure that my case was being taken care of even if I do not wish to deal with her. She is not doing her job. Instead, she is delaying my time and annoying the customer further and for this, she should be FIRED.

I have been taken on a ride AGAIN and AGAIN and this is ANNOYING. 3 weeks have passed and my refund has not been resolved.

This is the worst service I ever had. I will not take on any further treatment package from Oriental Hair Solutions.

CUSTOMERS BEWARE when you are coaxed to sign treatment packages. THINK TWICE.