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ADEL Sheep Placenta - The Theory of Cellular Therapy

This is a discussion on ADEL Sheep Placenta - The Theory of Cellular Therapy within the Skin Care Beauty forum, part of the Makeup & Beauty Talk category; Hi Lovely all pretty mummies oh! An increasing trend recently is to seek a natural approach to anti aging through ...

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    ADEL Sheep Placenta - The Theory of Cellular Therapy

    Hi Lovely all pretty mummies oh!

    An increasing trend recently is to seek a natural approach to anti aging through products that work from within. Many women and men also want products or services that help some of the other issues that age brings.

    As the population gets older more of us including myself hehe are interested in finding out what’s available to help us look younger =p Who want to look lao kok kok anyway? haha! =x Unless you are not residing from this planet =p Everyone of us want to look good isn't so?

    The exposure of tv commercial flashing 30sec on anti-aging products or your familiar FM radio broadcasting live to your ears or due to friends peer pressure of looking BETTER, we can not deny the fact that CONFiDENCE is the spot in human world that drives up the sales and remain as survival factors in the history of all beauty industries.

    Yes i agree, we can't stop aging, but we definitely can enjoy the process of looking and feeling YOUNGER. Although nobody can stop the aging process entirely, be it under the knife or by any cosmetic means, how old we appear is largely boils down to how we feel about ourselves =)

    Yes, confidence from within. That's what i have been talking about.
    Youthfulness comes from within! When you think young you’ll act young. But when stress level arises due to our commitment and liabilities pile up like a mountain, hormones balance in our bodies begin to disrupt its normal state. Toxin accumulatively increases and slows down the tasked action of our individual organs. Looking at this era, obesity is obviously riding on the sedentary lifestyle from all walks of life.

    introducing Laboratory Formula Healthcare Series ADEL=) A unique formulated oral supplement which improves in many ways not just simply anti-aging. (please view the short video introduction as attached)

    it is definitely not just another typical oral beauty products that you may be assuming now. Give yourself a chance to find out more about what you may not have known or expose to.

    The main forte of ADEL is to improve the activities of our body cells, a propelling 'motor' of Repairing, Revitalizing, Readjustment, Reconstruction, Rejuvenation, Regulation, Removal of impurities promoting overall well-being for each individual.

    ~The way you age is determined by more than just your DNA.

    ADEL a new formulated anti-aging formula; an elixir for anti aging & cell rejuvenation.

    Within one single ADEL capsule will be able to stimulate the body's anti-aging and cell rejuvenation processes. its properties also enhance the body's vitality to promote general well-being while improving the skin's texture and complexion thus allowing you to look and feel healthier and even YOUNGER!

    video of what is ADEL : http: // www . youtube .com / watch?very=Xqg91CG9hZs

    ADEL healthcare
    ask me

    PM me if keen to find out more, dont't be shy
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