Hi Mummies,

Recently, I have found a great place for facial. The place is very convenient as it is literally next to Chinese Garden MRT and convenience is a major plus point for me. As a working mom, time is of essence to me so I will not want to waste time travelling.

When I reached the place, what greeted me was a very welcoming resort like feel home salon. Nice décor, soothing music, air con, and tea for me to drink. It really felt very comfortable. It was as though the whole 3brm condo was dedicated for this business! and later I found out, it was really so.

I proceeded to the do Oxygen Deep Cleansing. This facial uses Hydrojet machine and pure oxygen is sprayed to the face, cleaning the follicles and whatever dirt effectively. Unlike traditional or old fashion hand extraction, this machine uses Oxygen pressure to clean your face. After the treatment, a mask and serum is applied on.

End result..............

I can really see a remarkable difference to my face! It definitely looks cleaner, whiter and more refreshed. It is really good experience at J Studios (Home - J Studios). My face is very clean after the deep cleansing oxygen treatment. The house is comparable to a shop setting with music, air con when you enter and it is classy and stylish. Highly recommended.