Previously i signed up a 3 session Ultrasound Eye Treatment at Beyond Beauty & went for 1 session. On 31 Jan, i went for my 2nd session & the beautician started selling me the RF Eye Treatment & kept telling me how good it is at improving dark circles, fine lines etc. So i did a RF Treatment on the same day, using my last session of the Ultrasound Eye Treatment.

After i finished the treatment, the counter staff started hard selling me the RF Treatment. Telling me how good it is, that today is the last day of their New Year's Promotion. I was a bit reluctant to buy the package before it is quite expensive plus i do not know the treatment is good for me. I wanted a 3 session package but she say a min of 6 sessions is required.

She told me that i could paid the package instalment, so i passed her my POSB GO card. When she saw it, she told me that instalment is only applicable for credit card. After hearing that, i feel even more reluctant to buy it but she kept holding on to my debit card. Didn't seem to have the intention to return to me until i pass her another card to pay for it. And in the end, i still pass her my ATM card and fully paid for it.

After i reached home that night, my eye area was really hot & the next day, rashes start appearing around my eyes. The area were swelling. I called them immediately and the beautician still ask me to go down to do more eye treatments! The last thing i want to do is to have more of their products to be applied on the affected area...

They refused to give me a refund even though i have not use any sessions yet. They kept asking me to change to other services, ie facial/massage but i am not interested...

I really dont't understand why they can't just give me a refund. It is not like they have any losses since the machine they're using is already there? I even told her that if she doesn't want to give me a refund, i will seek help from CASE and she just tell me off that i can do that if i want to. (I just realised today, from one of the CASE customer service that even if the company do not want to do a refund, they can't do anything & that i should seek help from Small Claims) No wonder she's not even afraid when i told her i want to lodge a complaint to CASE.

Anyone has any bad experience with them too? I'm thinking of filing a complaint to Small Claims Tribunal. There's gonna be a lot of inconvenience & i'm afraid that after going through all the hassle, i'm only allowed to change to other services. (Which i do not think i will want them to handle my face after what happened. They will probably take revenge and do some sort of things to my face? )

I'm really in a dilemma now. Any advise?