Hi Gals, I am a new victim!!. They are super pushy. After reading the forum, i then realized a lot of us fell into their trap. Very often they will bring us to their consultation room & start to push their products to us. As for my case, two beauty consultants were pushing real hard, they kept me in that little room for close to an hour. Eventually I sign up the package in order to get out of the situation. I went back to them within half an hr requesting to cancel it but they refused. I have escalated the case to their head office & had a talk with their CEO. She was telling me that mine is the 1st case & father in law has never encountered such request. Man! They are lying. In Fact, i have spent like $6600 in total within 7 months!!! They have been pushing new products to me every other alternate month when i visit them. It has been stressful. I am determined to cancel the last package that i sign up.. I went to CASE, but after reading of article, it may not be useful. But i will not give up; i will file with small claim tribunal. We need to fight for our own consumer right. In fact if we will to read carefully on the invoice that we signed, it states ... "Goods & service rendered is not returnable & non refundable" For those package that we had signed but they have not performed the service why can't we request for the cancellation? The MD told me that i have signed on the card, referring to the customer profile card. But that was something that i signed on my very 1st visit back in Mar, they simply just add on the new package to the flowchart & hold me to my signature. That is very unprofessional. Those who have been pressured into signing the package, i will advice to stand up for your rights, for those who are considering them; my advice is drop the idea.