Home Based Facial Spa Treatment for Celebrities at Jurong West

How about home based facial treatment at the convenience of your home? DIY facial service at the comfort of your home and most importantly, home based facial treatment really save a lot of money compared to facial treatment at Singapore salon. We all know how much of our money goes to helping retailers pay for their facial saloon rental, renovation, celebrities ambassador, staff, admin and overhead cost and how little the money really goes to the ingredients. Therefore it makes more sense for everybody who wants to save more money, look a lot younger and beautiful by owning a DIY home facial treatment gadget like the ageLoc Galvanic Spa that have been the favourite of Hollywood stars and TVB.

Our home based facial services focus on deep cleansing, instant hydrating and radiance, reduced dark eye circles, eye bags, fine lines, laughing lines, wrinkles, deep cleansing, firming, face lifting and tightening, very-shaped face slimming all in ONE treatment. Everybody hates being pushed by aggressive sales person so everybody said they prefer to go for home based facial spa treatment or to DIY their facial treatment. Its been revealed that most people prefer to have the most effective and money saving facial transformation all in just 10 minutes at their own home.

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1st Full Experience Trial @ $38 (you.p. $60) @ Jurong West / Parkmall Office
Free for half-face experience @ Jurong West / Parkmall Office

Visit us here http://www.facebook.com/HomeSpaForBeauty and find out whos who have been using our face lift Galvanic Spa treatment.
Call 81818669 for appointment.

Our home based facial service is based in Jurong West area (5 min walk from Boonlay MRT and Jurong Point Mall)