Dear Moms,
Are you one of us who struggle to maintain our beauty while being a loving mom for our children?
Lack of time, lack of sleep, stress are some of the challenges we all face, that leads us to having saggy skin, eye bags, dark under eye circles, dull skin and so much more and most of us can only envy why, some other mommies can always look so young, look so well maintained.
If only there is a quick, instant fix, that would resolve all our issues isn't it?
I used to be struggling but after I found ageLoc Galvanic Spa, I no longer dread being a mom and getting old. I can have all, being a wonderful, young mom, beautiful wife, stay at home and make decent money.

If you like:
1. Looking beautiful, improving saggy skin, removing eye bags, reducing dark cirles, have instant radiance, smooth and firmer skin OR
2. Building own business at low start-up investment, low risk, home based business with decent income

You can contact me at 81818669 for coffee chat.

For home based ageLoc Galvanic Spa treatment, first TRIAL is at $38, subsequent treatment is at $55.
Our home based facial services now focus on dark eye circles, eye bags, fine lines, laughing lines, wrinkles, deep cleansing, firming, face lifting and tightening.
No hard selling. Please allow 3 working days advance booking.

Visit us here or call 81818669 for appointment. Our home based facial service are based in Jurong area.

Thank you.