I signed, then I found uneasiness, I immediately asked them to stop the payment. I told them I need time to think over 1st, the consultant keep telling me cannot, they dont't practice such thing, then she say any void transaction only can be done by their head office. This make me fishy , where got such shop, what if the staff key wrong amount, that mean, they can't void, ask the customer come another time to sign meh ? Then the consultant say she'll call the person in charge see what can be done, she come back & say they can give me another 10 x dont know what treatment free. I'm sure I'm kanna cheated , she say next day she'll checked for me again, ask me to go thru their trial treatment, but I didnt finish the treatment cos I feel very very uneasy, I stop & get changed back. I told her I'm willing to pay the treatment they've done on sunday, but ask them to cancel the package transaction. She still refuse,
somemore ask me to sign the package acknowledge form, I'm so angry, I told her I already said I dont't want the package, how can I sign the form, she insist I sign & say is their procedure, then she'll call the head office to see what they can do for me.
The minute I walk out the shop, I call my credit card bank, they say only the merchant can void the transaction, is only whether they are willing to or not. I went back to the shop ask them for their head office no., the consultant say she can't give me, I confirm I'm cheated , all thing is on my disadvantages.
I call the shop the next day, sure enough I was told that consultant will not be in for the whole wk, I demand them to ask the head office to call me back immediately, if not, I'll call the CASE. Sure enough the head office personnel called, she also refuse to refund me back full amount, the most she can refund is $2.1k, due to all is at my disadvantage, I bo bian got to go back & sign the $1.5k, then they void the $3.6k, I argue with her, just void the package amount, since she can refund me partial, why can't she refund me in full, then I pay that day treatment. She just refuse to, the whole thing very obvious, they just want at least get something from you.