Susan Chan My elder brother inlaw also been cheated by "Yunan" hair salon. He spent $10,000/- for his hair treatment package yet no improvement. I also got facial package but me only sign half a year package cost $344/- but me only gave them half amount ... remaining amount will gave them at later stage. They ask me sign one year but rejected by me ... we must act smart ... dont't be blindly follow their facial package.They are very smart keep pestering me to sign one year but me not stupid. We must have our own point of views.

JustAnother Lee Went to New York skin solutions once n i get surrounded by 2 sales staff who tried pressurizing me to sign up for a package. They were rude when i told them i have no intention to sign up for a package. Their beautician was lousy; she was rough handling n do things haphazardly. their rooms are covered with curtains, like some sleazy parlour - they were nothing like how they were portrayed in their ads. At all.

JEAN YIP too. They will close you up in a room n not let you leave till you sign up for a package. I had 5 sales staff + beauticians in e room w me when i signed up for their package many yrs back. After signing up for their package, i realise how terribly trained their beauticians are. N their sales staff have some pretty irkful look-down attitude to show when you refuse to upgrade or buy products at every other visit. Horrible place to be!13 November 14, 2014 at 9:08am

Idah FareezMs London weight managenent,also,my fwend kna...worst they wont let you go off,keep presuring when you sign up already,1st appointment follow up,they pressure you more....dont entertain,if their marketing ppl call n say you won vouchers...its all gimmick!

Hafifi Mdnoor I have been to their sister company, New York Skin solution, yup they use the same technic to trap me in the room to the sign their contract Put you in the dark room, persuaded me to sign, they will call their superior if i refused to sign the contract. I can leave only when i was forced to sign the contract and payment was being made..a company full crap..use cheap price to bait pple..

  • afeesa Docura curious - how do they stop you from leaving? like this need to teach all potential customers how to kung fu so they can leave...
    Reply November 13, 2014 at 8:53pm Edited

  • Hafifi Mdnoor They placed you in a room an locked the door and surrounded that time i was younger i do not know how to react but now ill just call the police if encounter a similar situation is wise not9 to bring any cards or ic during such visits..
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Emily Sun Some of my friends told me that London, New York skin solution n yunan hair care r full of crazy ppl.. After when you go on to the consultation room.. They will push you to buy the package.. If you dont buy.. They even can lock the door n dont let you go.. Some even force to buy 10k package.. Some even buy but dont see any result..