I have signed up for a trial $18 in New York Skin Solutions, because I want to try their service. After the consultant attended to me, she convinced me to upgrade my trial to $321 for a better and visible result with promise to refund if I'm not satisfied with her service and if I considered to take a package with her she will deduct my trial from the package. After the facial treatment for trial, I decided to sign up a package with her because she offer me for 6 session $882.75 and additional treatment. She did everything very fast and when I asked if I can get any of the package acknowledgement, she say no, can't give to me. She only give me a member card. I thought such a reputable company with alot of adverstisement in TV and news paper will not cheat the customer, so I just believe on her. After a week I decided to start my first treatment, then I realize she did my treatment very fast with never applied some of the products that I get on my trial and some additional treatment that she promised. I asked her, she said she got applied, she mixed the product. I am still questioning her, she just ignored me. After that I realised that is something wrong with this company. The day after I come back to get my receipt and package acknowledgement. After waiting for so long, then she gave me with some modification which I didn't see it at the first time when I signed. I'm very sad and dissapointed with their service, and asking for refund because I find this kind of services is not worth to continue. I talked to the consultant, branch manager and even submit my claim for refund to their HQ, but seems they are just like to pushing around. The branch say will submit to HQ, the HQ say will ask the branch to contact me. I am very upset and at the end the branch say want to meet me and discuss about my refund, and they only want to refund with a very unreasonable price. After all there is no improvement on my skin, even I felt my skin get worsen. I remind all not to ever and ever step in to this CHEATED company New York Skin Solutions. I am not the only victims, but I find out in internet and forum alot of other victims with the same case like me.