Last Sunday I went in for SG50 promotion skin analysis and a facial. Short story is the branch manager who was dealing with me tried to get me to sign to a package and i didnt want to. I realised that for the first time ever i didnt have any cash on me so i had to use my debit card (which i never do)....i gave her my card and she charged it $5000(when i called the bank they had tried to charge my card $8000 but luckily it failed). I told her that i hadnt authorised her to do it and that it needed to go back on my card. After a long time of total panic/shock/being angry etc...the totally made me believe that i couldnt get a refund. They said the only way i could hae one was to sign so that they could take it out to then refund me (she had previously told me that the money was already pending from my account. STUPIDLY i signed it. Then she said "i can take you upstairs to get a credit card if you like to make the payments smaller"!!!!!!!! what the??!! Then she proceeded to keep telling me that they dont do refunds although it was totally her mistake (maybe on purpose, dont know). Her only anser to me was "you sign the slip so you authorise"????!!!

I called when i got home to try to reason with them, no luck. So i went to the police to file a report, they say it's criminal activity. Then i get a lawyer and he calls them on my behalf of which the manager pretended not to be the manager on the phone when actually it was her (as i identified her voice, she later owned up), she hung up on him, he called back, she kept him on hold for ages, she he had to call using another phone while he was on hold on the other line. The manager picked up the phone again (on the different phone!) It as ridiculous. They said the general manager wasnt avaiable, they were 'with a client'. Even though she was told that she would have a criminal complain again her personally and the company, she wouldnt interrupt the general manager......my lawyer called ALL NY skin solution branches to try and get the head quarter number but it's like they were all 'programmed' to say the same thing. There is no complaints procedure, no HQ address/number etc....even my lawyer couldnt find it.

I went into the shop the day after it happened and spend an hour with the branch manager, got nowhere. She was even still trying to persuade me that my skin looked better and i should go ahead with it!!! What a joke! She told me she applied no pressure and i was totally happy when i left the shop, load of crap.

Anyway, I went to CASE, (which is really close to Buena Vista MRT (its the community Centre). I went Friday day and it was empty. I sat with someone for a couple of hours, they will draft a letter with you on your behalf and then you have to deliver it to the HQ of the company BY HAND. The whole thing cost $10. CASE give the company 7 days to resolve the dispute, if it's not resolved, they will personally take on the case for you (which is an additional $25 i have been told, which is totally wotrth it). If it's still not resolved they will take it to the small claims court. You dont need to book an appointment just go.

I found out today where the head quarters is(as CASE have it all on file). It's floor 5 Unit 1 of the IMM Shopping Centre in Jurong (street 21). They operate Mon-Friday only. And this is where the Managing Director is based.

My advice:

Even if it is hard selling/total pressureto sell you a package you can still go to CASE & THE POLICE! They are totally aware of it and they are trying to stop it from happening but not enough people complain, some people just say "oh well, gutted, but i suppose i should have the facials now since i cant get a refund" and then feel totally bullied and crap everytime they go in and have a treatment. dont'T GIVE IN, STAND YOUR GROUND! CASE is easy peasy and they are all on your side and very nice.

If you are returning the shop to try and get a refund, record all your conversations with them and take someone with you for support if you are going confront them about it.

Hope this helps!!!