I have very bad rashes due to work. I was a diver and I did processing fishes when i was pregnant EVERY SHIFT for about 4 mths before the HR transfer me out to do admin. Maybe the hormones made me more sensitive than usual and the hygiene reasons, I developed very bad rashes from the fish blood water and seawater. I have been dealing with it for very long until after birth. I met up my friend who was doing nuskin, but she was promoting the spa set and did mentioned about R2 but didnt go in details. After seeing alot of people with results helping their skin, I decided to give it a try. They will usually sell in sets of 6months to 1 years supply which is quite expensive but manage to find my friend to share with me.

I do realise that it helps with my skin after 1 month on the supplement. Managed to talk my husband into taking the supplements. His "crow feet" around his eyes improved and usually when he urinate, there will bubbles and the bubbles stays till morning(sometime he didnt flush because afraid to wake the baby up), read that it was not something good but my husband refuse to check it out.....but now we notice there no bubbles. It also helps in losing a bit of weight maybe due to the detox dose at night. first few days will feel abit achy due to the detox but after that feels better.

N i mentioned my friend who share with me? Her pigmentation on her cheeks gone..I dont have her permission to share her picture yet. but will update if she's ok.

my rashes
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I'm just sharing my experience. If you are interested, i think there's a lot of people selling nuskin in this forum, can approach them, but if you are looking for one then pm me i can refer my friend. sometimes they have promo, price will still be the same but they will give free stuff. They do accept credit card (DBS/Citibank) installments if you r comfortable. or get 1 or 2 friends to share 1 year supply.