Tip #1: Increase Movement
This is the fastest way to reduce belly fat. Many people think getting into shape requires tons of exhausting exercise. This simply isnít true. You dontít need to perform backbreaking tasks or sweat inducing labor to trim down your gut. If you want to burn the blubber all you need to do is move. Any movement qualifies. You could walk around in a circle. Waving your arms around would do the trick. When you perform movements your body must provide energy which requires resources. That resource can very well be the stored fat around your midsection. If you make a conscious effort to squeeze in extra movements throughout your day, youíll notice that your waistline will start to get smaller.

Tip #2: Consume Fat Burning Foods
Did you know that certain foods take off the fat faster than others? If you truly want to reduce belly fat then you should definitely find a way to work a few food items into your meal plans. A great example of this would be spicy foods like peppers. I try my best to eat peppers with at least one meal a day. I simply love them with dishes that involve chicken or even typical deli sandwiches. It does ad a little kick so be careful. If this is a sensation that you can tolerate then please go for it. Something else you should make certain to eat plenty of is protein. This nutrient is harder to digest than fat or carbohydrates. Therefore, when your body digests protein you actually end up burning additional calories. So if you pair peppers and chicken together like I do, youíll be ripping that stomach fat off in no time.

Tip #3: Give Your Body the Right Nutrients and Vitamins
Nothing will go well if your body becomes starved of what it needs most: proper nutrients and vitamins. If you canít find a way to fit these into your normal diet then you may want to consider taking a daily mutli-vitamin. Itís extremely imperative that you do this for yourself. A nice, flat tummy would do you very little good if your organs started to fail or if you felt sick everyday. If you treat your body well and give it the proper building blocks then it will reward you with a sexy figure. When your body has these necessary tools it makes something like weight loss for women a small hurdle that you can easily overcome.