I can truely understand how a mother feels when going through so big changes in her appearance especially from a skinny to a very blow-up size women during pregnant and trying hard to slim back to original size....

Realise that it is really so hard to gain back the self-confidence after baby is born..

nevertheless, for mothers out there, please do not be dismay or depress.

i truely believe when you have the will and determination to change, you will gain back the self-confidence once again.

I really try to find time to learn about dressing for better and enjoyed turning to Korean and Jap fashion trends for ideas to doll up...

Do not be surprised on how much a scarf can create wonders in a dressing.. And best thing about scarf as an accessory is, you can dress it all kinds of ways you want. So how about getting to a nice scarf for yourself like how it have helped to enhance my appearance?

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See you there beautiful mothers.