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Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

This is a discussion on Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation within the Single Parents Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Originally Posted by Newmumi Need advise for the following: Ive decided to divorce my spouse and proceeded to engage a ...

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    Re: Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

    Quote Originally Posted by Newmumi View Post
    Need advise for the following:

    Ive decided to divorce my spouse and proceeded to engage a pvt lawyer in dec. They took awhile to prepare the docs & wasnt able to serve the divorce papers to him as he wasnt around. Due to that, my lawyer suggested getting a court summon to have it paste over his last known address about 2 weeks back. We had agreed upon initial cost of $3k but now was told just fr the court summon to have it Paste over is additional $500..

    Im quite worried right now hw things are gonna be like as im sure it will be contested when it comes to our flat since its less then 5yrs MOP. My main concern is about the house & the maintenance. Till now hes not been contributing anything to the house loan except for $50 via cpf & only paid about 10k when we gt the keys. Im servicing the reno loan as well. I dont earn much & paying all the expenses of my child.

    Just was thinking if i could drop my current lawyer & seek for legal aid? Will they assist regards to fighting over ancillary matters? Could some1 assist me.
    To surrender the flat means lose more money & i will not have a place to stay w my child.
    Quote Originally Posted by yusreenyusoff View Post
    Salam to all Sisters & Mummies here.

    I am new to this forum so i hope you can bear with me if im unsure on hw to do tis.

    I am a muslim mum with 2 child, looking for a good lawyer to assist me on a contested divorce.

    Im am goin to see Marican this evening for consultation.

    I have also emailed some other lawyers, i do hope to get some input on this.

    Many thanks & may allah bless all of you strong mummies out there!

    Quote Originally Posted by Xmercury View Post
    Need help my wife wanted to divorce with me need a affordable lawyer or advice...maybe will be consented case....cause she said will not give me anything...btw I'm now in a big debt to clear...really need advice from you all...

    Hi All,

    I would suggest you to check with Legal Aid as long your salary is only 1.5k and below. (if I didn't recall wrongly)
    The price is very very low seek first advise only S$1, after that, to proceed or not is up to you and the lawyer. It's low cost involve for low-salary family members.

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    Re: Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

    Hi all,

    I need some advises. I'm in a bit of divorce trouble myself.

    I'm now filing for PPO and divorce against my husband for hitting and accusing me of affair. The lawyer I used is YEO Associate. It was a contested one and cost me about $5300 for now. If dragged on may cost more. I personally feel the lawyer not very good cos no follow up or anything.

    I have 2 toddlers with me. I moved to my mum house because my husband became violent and chased me out. He also filed for a PPO against me by falsified his report and claimed I am the violence one. He placed an additional pad lock on the main door to prevent me from going back . (Im the main owner of the house and he's co owner). When I sms him to let me enter the house to take the kids clothes , he refused and threaten to put me in jail for harassment.

    He just gotten an asset of 100K and he declared he will use the money to fight the case with me for as long as he can cause he knew my financial won't last so long.

    Strange things happening to me after I filed for divorce n PPO . I used to have a full time job earning around 3K until an anonymous sabotaged my job by sending email to my GM about my bad past work history and I got terminated. I make police report of this. Afterthat I couldn't find my file which contain all my educational certs. I remember clearly I left it in my house but when I questioned my husband, he said dont't have. I highly suspect he threw it away and the anonymous is him but no evidence.

    Next, 2 days ago, an anonymous came to my mum house in the middle of the night to vandalise the wall by writing O$P$, Fuck and pour faeces water on the door. Again I make police report, but not much of use. And again I highly suspect is my husband playing dirty behind again.

    I felt vulnerable with so many nonsense happening. He defend against the divorce and shamelessly went around drinking with girls n posting it on facebook.
    Jobless for nearly 3 months, I still got 2 toddlers to feed and 3k of lawyer fees to pay. I really dont't know where I can seek help from.

    Will MP be able to help or advise?

    Anyone here got any similar case like that? Please advise.

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    Re: Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

    Amy, did you try legal aid? I am also curious if you managed to seek help with the MP? I have a friend who also lost her job as she was very much affected by the divorce.

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    Re: Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

    Hi, just allow me to inject...I've self represented my own divorce till Final Judgement and know how the divorce proceedings works including legal aid. If your salary is >$1500, you are not eligible and if your hubby is giving you maintenance, it's considered income even though you are a Stay-Home-Mum...and , if you have insurance policies with surrender value >$20k, you are considered wealthy and not eligible. So, before you ladies get thrown around by the stupid government system, check up first. I cried and cried when I found out, it was so so unfair. I've managed self representation with some help. PM me if you need any help. I tried to kill myself 2x but am now wiser and stronger.

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