hi Parents , are you still looking for babysitter? I am staying at Bedok North Rd.

I am availables at anytime and any days from Mondays to Sundays.

I am 26 years old a mother of 7 months old Boy, I have been helping out in babysitting and have gain my experiences from my own mother who was a Babysitter. I can able to handles infants to preschooler kids at one time.

Currently I am have no ideas in going out to work. I am staying with my In laws, so there are always 3 persons looking after your child. Environment Smoke and Pets free..

My charges are all very affordables, flexibles and open negotiable to parents.

Parents staying near, I do Provide Fetch and Send Back Home Service.

If you keen, Do let me know what types of care you require for your child.

(Diapers and Milk Powders will not be Provided , Solid Foods is Provided)

Monday to Friday Full Day 12 Hours care Time fix by you $550

Monday to Friday Half Day 6 Hours Care
Time fix by You $380

Overnight care (Monday to Friday ) $700

Temporary Care
Per Hour for WeekDay $7. WeekEnd $10 minimun 3 hours

Do whatapps 84823126 or email yiping.joey86@gmail.com to find out more