I'm having a conflict wth my own financial. It's been tough.
Two mths stayed at home stacking of bills accumulated.. N now to start all over again wth All the bills n loan getting me sick n tired.
I'm waiting to sell my house away. Wth that profit I want to start a new life. But now I'm staggering as if I'm walking on a hot pebbles my feet scalded wth so much pain.
I want to borrow money but no one will help.. My parents can't help me much coz they themself is not working.
My ex husband dont't even care what I'm going thru.
I hope there is hope for Me somewhere in the darkness..i need to survive but I dont't know where to start.
I need to find $3000 asap its a big sum of money yas I admit it but you cant even do anything about it..
I'm starting to have Mentel disturbed now.. I get so agitated easily!!! When I heard my phone ringing I became so paranoid!!! When I heard someone wins big money I cried n say y must be them not me, it's ridiculous but I feel so fed up wth all the pending dues!!!
I wish I can tok to someone regards about this I need time to settle my dues. I'm working now but no one can help. My patience have exceeded its limits. Anytime soon I'm bursting!!