I have just been converted to Spore citizen this year. The best thing that happened to me this year is giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Then the disaster strike. My hubby has been taking money from me whether knowing or unknowingly. He says that his business not doing well lately. The most upsetting part was when he took my ATM card and withdraw all my savings and funds from my current account, when i was in my hospital bed after giving birth to my son. My giro assigned to my account bounce and my current accounts starts charging OD interest.

He never told me anything about the withdrawal until i found out myself. I was happily walking towards the ATM machine thinking to withdraw money and give my in laws some extra allowance and i got a big shock to see the balance shown on the screen.

As i question him that night, he act as if nothing had happened. I feel like slapping his face but i just sat there and cried.

The second disaster is when loan sharks starts visiting our doorsteps. He went missing for a day and a half, never answer his calls at all. The next day, i reported police and at the same time report that he's missing too. He only came back on the second day and not a word from him. I feel so stupid for being worried about what has happen to him and he dont seem to appreciate it. Soon, our main gate has been locked from outside and there are paintings on the wall. Then came the paints splash on our room windows and main gate. My father in law at the age of 70++ has to do the cleaning of paints with him. I will never help him settle his debts. I warned him if he borrow again, gamble or take money from me.... I will leave him.

He is now jobless, at the age of 43, tough looking for job, no car and no licence.
He will be paying for the rest of his life.

I contacted his ex wife and she told me what has happened to their previous marriage. They had a daughter who is now 7 yrs old and can get along very well with me. The same thing, he took her money, let her sign as guarantor and he didnt even pay for his daughter maintenance. So now i know the reason why his ex wife have to bring his daughter to our place for us to take care. He always give me excuse that his ex has sickness, unable to take care...and so on. He lied to me about why their marriage didnt work because his ex has affair but it not true. Its all because he took money from her and make her pay all the renovation expenses from their new house. I admit that i didnt check out his past before i decided to marry him. But if you love someone and have to investigate their past...... find it so tough to be in love.

So now, my mom is in Msia. If I move out, i will need a place to stay with my son who is 5 mths. I have not decide to divorce yet, but i give him 6 mths to see if he will change. But its a matter of time that most probably i will leave him. I cannot continue to have someone i cant trust as a life partner. My in law are very nice to me,they help me take care of my baby, bath and put him to sleep. Which I really appreciate.

Now, I'm 35, probably could buy my own house. No need to wait for him.