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Fighting a loosing battle

This is a discussion on Fighting a loosing battle within the Single Parents Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; I am in a relationship with a divorcee who has a 10 year old boy from his previous marriage. We ...

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    Fighting a loosing battle

    I am in a relationship with a divorcee who has a 10 year old boy from his previous marriage. We also have a 2 month old baby together. He lives in USA and I live in Singapore. We've been travelling back and forth throughout our relationship. Now that our baby is born, we finally decided to try to move in together resulting in me coming to live in USA with him. It's been 3 weeks now we live under the same roof and things have been very rocky. Most of our quarrels involved his son and his ex. I feel hurt each time when my fiance would make plans with his ex pertaining to their son's activities without even discussing with me When it involves our time together. I can't even discipline his son when it's required. My partner would put me at my place which is I'm not his mother hence I cannot interfer and I should just suck it up. Despite all that though I am family when it comes to cooking and managing the household chores. Many times I feel like giving up and just go back home with our baby since I dont't feel like I belong.

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    Re: Fighting a loosing battle

    Hi i understand your predicament. If I was you, I would weigh the pros and cons how much sacrifice i am willing to give by staying in a country that i am not familiar with. How much do I know about this man, what sacrifice he is willing to give. Based on your mail, you only been there 3 weeks and the way he treated you is like a maid rather than a wife. (Personnel view). Let's say, you sacrifice to stay with Him. Are you able to take the pressure that he calling his ex to discuss about their son activities.

    If you still love him, try to date him out to discuss how your feel.

    I personally feel that as a couple to be unite as one flesh already not easy. Either you pressed on or return to Singapore when you are more comfortable with.


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