Hi everyone

I have been in marriage for 16 years. My husband has been having many affairs outside our marriage since 10 years ago. Many times, he asked for my forgiveness. 8 years ago, when my son is only 6 months old, he made his pinoy gf pregnant. I went to legal aids to file for divorce but again forgive him for my son.

After that, they have been secretly meet and keep in contact. Their daughter is 7 years old now. I also found out that he has so many women beside her. I give up on him but stay in the marriage as my son cried badly 4 years ago when I told him that mum and dad going seperate way. I have been a home maker since 5 years ago. So we had a talk and decided to stay in marriage. I will not care what he is doing outside but he must continue to take care of us.

As time passed by, he has been finding fault at me almost daily and now he wanted me to go work and support myself and son. But he didn't want divorce as he want this house. I rejected and decided to go ahead with divorce now. He told me that he will not let me have our house. He doesn't care that his son has no shelter after divorce.

I would like to seek your advice, am I doing the right thing to divorce. I pity my son. He is such a sensible and good boy. Feel sad that he can't have a perfect family.

I looking for job now. I planned to go legal aids today. I have also make appointment to see family service centre for counselling for both myself and my son. To seek assistance from them too.