Hi all,

Iím Tony, a research writer for the MediaCorp Chinese Current Affairs programme, Tuesday Report (星期二特写). I am writing here to find a profile whom could be featured on our programme.

Currently we are planning a new documentary series and one of the featured topics is women facing unplanned pregnancy. So if you are mothers who had faced [you]or[/you] is currently facing such issue, i.e., found yourself pregnant unexpectedly and had considered abortion, and yet at the end you had sought support (e.g., helplines or other support groups) and kept your baby, we would like to hear from you! We would like to know more about the challenges you had faced, how did you overcome them, how you did you adjust to your life, and what are something you have gained despite the challenges, etc, etc.

We believe your sharing would be useful and inspiring to those who face similar issues now, and help them aware of other options other than abortion.

So you are interested and open to sharing your experience on TV, please feel free to contact me via email me tonygankh@mediacorp.com.sg by 2 April 2015. You also could email me if you have any queries.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.