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Need Help/ advice

This is a discussion on Need Help/ advice within the Single Parents Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hello Everyone, I am posting this for the first time. Hope you all wont mind my english standard . i'm ...

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    Need Help/ advice

    Hello Everyone,

    I am posting this for the first time. Hope you all wont mind my english standard.

    i'm posting this as i myself, do not know what and how to solve this problem.

    Well, i am 22 this year, and my son is turning 6 this december. i'm a single mum.

    Yesterday, my older sister (age 24) went for checkup, and found out that she is pregnant and due-date was October, means she is already pregnant for 7 months??? my sist is currently not working.
    She's not married, she told her bf about it. and her bf told her that he cant keep/have the child.
    (p.s: her bf was 38years old divorced with 2 child age 13 and 14 ?)

    and i think my sist is very lost now. me as her younger sist, i really wanna help her, but i dont know how to?

    anyone have any advice for me?

    HELP ~~

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    Re: Need Help/ advice

    i think it's already too late for her to go for an abortion.. ask her to talk to her bf again, he cant just ask her not to keep e baby at this stage! worst scenario, she gives birth then give e baby up for adoption if she really cant afford to keep e baby..

    n btw, dont worry about your eng.. no one will criticise you.. it's just a forum after all.. dont look dwn on yourself ok! =)

    hope your sister solves her prob soon.. tk care!

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    Re: Need Help/ advice

    no, if she is due in oct, now is aug, means already 8 mths preg.
    cos they go by 40 weeks which is 10 mths.
    im just wondering, how can your sis not know she is preg??
    she never put on weight? her tummy doesnt show? she cant feel her baby moving? her menses didnt stop?

    is she sure? why dont go to another doctor n check properly again?

    if she is really 8 mths preg, then have she told your family about it?
    by now, its too late to abort, she have to deliver the child.
    if all is confirmed, then she have to choose, either she keep the child n raise him/her or give up for adoption.
    maybe she shld speak to a counsellor on this.
    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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    Re: Need Help/ advice

    hmm.. if your sis in determined to keep her child, she can sue the man for child maintenance.. if not, she can put her child up for adoption..

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    Re: Need Help/ advice

    Family Service Centre's Helpline1800-838 0100
    • Helpline Service
    • Counselling and Casework
    • Advice and support on family-related matters
    National Pregnancy Helpline 1800-MUM-TO-BE1800-6868623 (24-hour)
    • Counselling for pregnancy-related problems
    • Intervention in pregnancy crisis situations
    • Referrals to community resources
    Babes (by Beyond Social Services)1800-833 6666 (Hotline)
    8111-3535 (SMS Helpline)
    6375-2940 (Telephone enquiries)Pregnancy crisis service for teens that includes:
    • SMS helpline
    • Youth outreach
    • Referrals to community resources such as medical care and crisis shelters
    Rose Villa62536556
    • Temporary shelter for pregnant women in need of shelters

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