I have recently obtained my divorce from my 6yrs of marriage.
We both have joint custody of my 2year old and I have care and control.
My ex does make frequent visits and spends time with my son but due to the nature of his work and the surronding company he keeps with i had always though is a negative and bad influence and had tried to talk my ex to find an alternative work, with also his former company and friends threathening to harm him and his family. There is also a possiblility that he may be charged or implicated in the work that he had previously done.
I am concerned now for my son's safety and worried that he may be influenced in time to follow the negative ways of my ex as well as be harmed by the company my ex keeps with.
The nature of my ex work is undetermined at the moment and this delays his monthly maintainence payments.
I want to know if its possible for me to now seek full custody of my son due to my ex iresponsible behaviour and concern for my son safety.
Is there anyone who had joint custody and then proceeded to apply for full custody of the child? What kind of information do i need to prove to the courts.
Any advise will be good.