I've attended the Pre-adoption briefing months ago ... still waiting, still hoping, still praying ... still strongly yearning to adopt a baby boy, to have a child to call my own, a child to raise and love.

Why do I ask for a son? Because I'm not allowed to adopt baby girls as I lack an important piece of paper called a marriage cert. So I'm only allowed to adopt baby boys.

Why dont't I get married? I hope to, but sometimes things dont't turn out the way you want, you dont't always get what you wish for in life. Not everyone who's single choose to be single. And childless.

It's sad that some people think singles dont't make as good parents as married people. How many abused children are there who live with married parents who hate each other, quarrel everyday, fight everyday, betray each other, get into extra-marital affairs, so evident from some of the sad stories of broken families and marital discord we read about on this forum.

I love children very much, I'm financially stable with a good income, well educated, no bad habits or vices, confident of being a good parent to any child. I have read almost every parenting book I can find, I can give all the love and care a child needs to grow up happy and healthy.

If for some personal reasons you wish to give your unborn or newborn child up for adoption to a good family, you might wish to Email me at: jadan_blake@yahoo.com

If you're a single, unwed mum caught in an unplanned pregnancy, I am very willing to pay for all expenses incurred during your pregnancy and delivery, including nutritional and health needs, accommodation, doctor's fees, and hospitalization bills. Do email me to discuss further.

Only sincere and genuine replies please. Thanks for reading.