dont be depressed. I used to face such discriminations too.
actually, come to think of that, maybe the employers had their concerns too
i.e: who is able to look after your baby if you are at work, if baby is sick who can help? is there any other care giver besides yourself?
your child is still a baby, need more attention like going for immunization jabs etc
so to counter all these pre-concerns, first of all ask yourself these questions
1. are you able to get your parents support while you are at work?
2. if no to the above, then can you get a trusted person to be the baby sitter?
3. if yes to the above, then are you able to afford the monthly baby sitter fees?
there is absoultely nothing wrong with Single mother finding a job, but regardless married or single mums, all face these same concerns
married mums also faced, let alone single mothers?
the difference is, married mum may be able to seek in laws help, wherelse single mum only have own parents, but some times own parents may not be able to help too
If you can sort out these concerns, I quite sure you should be able to get a job.
Why dont you try to set up some online business on your own?