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17 months old toddler keeps having diarrhea!

This is a discussion on 17 months old toddler keeps having diarrhea! within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi all, as mentioned my son keeps having diarrhea this few days. It always happens when he finished drinking milk. ...

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    17 months old toddler keeps having diarrhea!

    Hi all, as mentioned my son keeps having diarrhea this few days. It always happens when he finished drinking milk. I have already bought him to Kandang Kerbau Hospital and given him medicine. But the diarrhea still continues! I'm wondering if i should changed his milk powder to soy milk? Can i just straight away change? If changed, does it means he have to continue drinking soy milk? Will appreciate all mummies reply. Thanks!

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    Re: 17 months old toddler keeps having diarrhea!

    Not sure whether this will help, but when my baby had diarrhea previously when he was about 2 months old, we switched to soy milk.. A scope of soy milk replaces a scope of normal milk on the first day, and then 2 scopes of soy milk replaces 2 scopes of normal milk on the second day and so on till the formula is switched to soy milk completely.. We used the same method when changing back to normal milk when his diarrhea is gone.. This is to ensure that there is not too much difference in taste so that he is able to take to it better..

    Another method we used (if do not want to switch to soy milk) is to dilute the normal milk.. Instead of 150ml of water for 5 scopes, we gave 150ml of water to 4 scopes...
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    Re: 17 months old toddler keeps having diarrhea!

    For me when my boy, whenever he has diarrhea i will get a small tin of soy powder n let him take that instead of his normal milk. I dont switch slowly. Directly replace the milk feeds with soy milk. My boy has no issue with the taste. Personally i find that soy milk is sweeter than his normal milk.
    The soy milk helps his diarrhea get better. I think the lactose or donno what substance in cow's milk worsen diarrhea so usually pple advise to let the child take soy milk instead. If he has recover already then switch back to normal milk. Ive asked before whether the soy milk can replace the cow's milk but was told that the nutrients from soy milk is not enough. One small tin of soy milk can last my boy about 4-5days. So if his diarrhea recover on the 3rd-4th day i will let him finish the tin before i switch him back to normal milk. He takes about 180ml 4times a day.
    If yr child's diarrhea veryvery bad. N he doesnt like to drink water. you can get this liquid grape flavour 'glucose' or something from the pharmacy. Im sorry i dont rmb the term for it but its suppose to replenish the water in yr child body. you need to keep him hydrated.

    Hope these helps!

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