Hi All mummies

I have a problem with my 2.5yo toddler who refuse to take medication. She will keep saying no no no and will cry non-stop. We tried coaxing her with her favorite things like: reading storybook, taking her to playground, giving her most favorite item: iphone & ipad, talking to her non-stop and etc.

We tried all ways and means and in the end, the hard way. Forcing her in a lying position, then we use a syringe into her mouth to drink the cough syrup.
I'm afraid by forcing, she will have a bad impression but we have no choice else we really dont't know what else we can do to coax her.

I was thinking, other than taking cough syrup, is there any other way to reduce/cure her cough? Nebulizer? Essentials oil? Read about young living essentials oil and was thinking of using that. Has any mummies use before?

Really need some advice as I really afraid of my girl getting sick and forcing her to take medication. Please advice. Thanks a million.

Worry and frustrated mummy - Lostkitty (PS: I'm really lost now)