Hi All,

Would like to seek advice of those who have similar experience.. My 2+ year old kid is having nose bleeding. Earliest date I could recall was Sept (he had nose bleed one to two times before Sept too but can't remember when as it wasn't too close. After Sept's occurence, he had another in Dec and subsequently nose bleeding occurs when reaching 1 month from last occurence and last bleed in Feb. Brought him to see a pediatrician in Dec, was given 2 wks Singlar medicine and then Jan's occurence 2 wks of the same med again. Feb's occurence, was referred to ENT while giving me more medicine (3 wks'). He says that maybe there is a big blood vessel that is prone to bleeding easily. However, the pediatrician warned me that the ENT doc will likely do a scope (sticking something up the nose) to examine. All these while when he had nose bleeding, the pediatrician told me he had swollen glands in the nostril and he is having runny/blocked nose. Last 3 times when he bleed, it was during sleeping time and we only found out in the morning when we see blood stains on bed.

I'm worried that going to the ENT will scare my son and he may refuse to see doctors next time. I heard nose bleeds are common at this age and could be a result of dry nostrils..

Should I go to another pediatrician for advise? Or should I just proceed to ENT for advise?

Thanks in advance!