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Any babies with UTI?

This is a discussion on Any babies with UTI? within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; hi... guess i'm not alone... my 2nd daughter also contracted uti when she was 10 months old. it was all ...

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    Re: Any babies with UTI?

    hi... guess i'm not alone... my 2nd daughter also contracted uti when she was 10 months old. it was all too sudden.. i panic and became frantic when her body temp rise quickly causing her to become shaky and her whole body turn blue... it was a nightmare for me.. she was fine in the day dat day it happened... we thought she was cold but with several blankets covering her, it was the same. after vomiting, she was back to normal, playing around... thought it was ok but at night it started again.. the same thing... i thought i was going to lose my baby seeing her in dat manner!!! i almost cried...
    quickly brought her to Kandang Kerbau Hospital where they took her urine and yes we got the bad news, its uti... she was warded for 4 days.. and i was feeling so exhausted frm all the dilema and having to go thru this ordeal... her fever didnt subside which means dat the bacteria still in her system...
    finally after the doc confirm what type of bacteria it is, and given the right antibiotic, her body temp is back to normal again... and finally she was fine and happy... having see her thru all the pain, where by the antibiotic was given thru the drip in her hands, i cried in silence.. she was crying thruout..
    once discharged, we have to bring her for lots of appt... evry single one was a frightening experince, imagine dat she has to go thru all the test, ultrasound, urine test, mcu... it was exasperating... my baby was indeed traumatised by what she had went thru... thk god, she hadnt had reflux which means dat her urine was flowing the right way not up to the kidney. she was supposed to go for dmsa test but..... when the nurse explained to us how the whole procedure was like, we thought we wld never make her go thru any test again.... and we never did let het go thru dmsa. it was a procedure dat took half a day to complete and my baby had to fast before the test and had to be given sedative to make her sleep in order she wont fidget during the test... oh god it was hard to imagine having to put her thru dat phrase..
    now, whenever she have fever with no other symptoms, i wld panic and it has become a phobia!!! god pls let me be strong and bless my daughter with good health.........
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    Re: Any babies with UTI?

    yah..it was indeed a traumatic experience for me too, but the nurse says baby won't remember a single thing...that's the only comorting thought.

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