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baby tugging her hair! how to stop?

This is a discussion on baby tugging her hair! how to stop? within the Baby, Toddler, Child Health Concerns forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; hi my 3 and a half month daughter has been tugging her hair and her scalp becomes reddish and flaky ...

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    baby tugging her hair! how to stop?

    hi my 3 and a half month daughter has been tugging her hair and her scalp becomes reddish and flaky because of her nails. i dont know if it hurts but it looks painful to me. this starts to happen only after we stop putting mittens on her. she doesnt have cradle cap, the last i checked. but even so, i read that cradle cap doesnt itch.

    mummies please help! is this behavior normal, that she is just discovering? or should i be concerned? i am using mustella shampoo and body soap. should i try changing?

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    Re: baby tugging her hair! how to stop?

    Did you see her tugging her hair?

    Cos' if it is craddle cap, then you just need to use olive oil then wash it off with shampoo it will go away in time....

    But if she is tugging her hair, try to cut or file her nails, so tht she does not scratch the reddish scalp, then if possible bring her to the pediatrician to check if it is not some infection or something more serious, get a cream to apply if possible.

    Sometime when they r off the mittens, they will flail their arms about and learning more about themselves, soon they will be putting their hands, fingers, legs into their mouth.....hmm I miss those days

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    Re: baby tugging her hair! how to stop?

    i think baby tugging hair is normal, no worries. my son tugging his hair even in his dream =_=... so whenever i spot check his scalp...its all the scratches here and there.

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