Hi mummies,

I would like to share a great health supplement that is suitable for everyone, including babies. It is chlorophyll drink.

There are many benefits :

- Cleanses and nourishes your body
- Helps in rashes and eczema
- Improves immunity
- Effective antioxidant
- Heals wound
- Support oxygen concentration in body
- Relieves mouth & gastric ulcers
- Cleanse the liver and kidneys
- Removes bad breath and body odour
- Aids digestion
- Improves menstrual discomfort
- many more.

You may wish to google "Benefits of chlorophyll" as there are too many to be listed here. I am currently taking it daily and it works well for me.

Comes in powder form that you just have to mix with water. It is also very affordable.

PM me if you wish to know more.